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A Sweet Bouquet for Teachers

A Sweet Bouquet

As you may know, one of my goals this year is to really work on my gift giving and acknowledging those people that mean a lot to us. I want to not let opportunities to say thank you slip by and to put more meaning behind what I do give. This budget friendly bouquet for teachers is one of those perfect opportunities. This weekend I had Jake with me at Whole Foods. We stopped to look at the flowers and he was so excited when he saw these bouquets of Iris telling me how pretty they...

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Graduation Day!

I can't believe this day is here.  We are headed off to Ohio this weekend for Shelby's college graduation.  For any of you new readers, Shelby is Floyd's daughter and one summer did a ton with us here on BonBon.  Seriously, just enter her name into our search box for all her awesome posts!  I can't believe the time has come for her to graduate and I am so amazed by how hard she has worked.  Her future is definitely bright and I'm honored to get to be a part of it. I'm probably not the...

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Make A Wish Necklace

I have the best friends ever.  Don't worry this includes all of you readers as my dear friends so I don't feel like I'm bragging too much, but really I do.  I firmly believe it's the girlfriends in your life that get you through those tough times and celebrate the good ones and man have I been blessed in this category!  One of my friends Cait (you can see her here) is a noteworthy gift giver.  She remembers the little things you mention and then presents these tokens all wrapped up with a pretty bow...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts, Basics With a Twist

When it comes right down to it, I am pretty easy to please in the Valentine's Day gift department.  Sure, I always love to receive something special and unique that reflects my personality, but knowing that Christmas, Valentine's Day and my birthday all happen pretty close to one another, I'm also your typical girly girl and enjoy the traditional gifts of chocolate, perfume, flowers and jewelry.  Even better, I rarely expect to receive them all at once, ha. So, when I opened my mailbox to receive a catalog from Olive & Cocoa, I was utterly blown away....

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Valentine’s Day Quick Gifts

Ok, so Jake might not have been owning a huge smile for his Valentine's Day photo shoot yesterday.  What can I say, I think he's sad that his valentine (aka the lil' Bean Kristin is working on) isn't here yet.  Right after the shoot he threw his hands up in despair and hit the bottle pretty hard.  He does love you all immensely though and wishes each of you an awesome Valentine's Day! For Floyd and I, Valentine's Day has always been more about spending time together and giving each other small tokens of love.  Actually that's not entirely true....

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Oh No, Oprah’s Gone and Done it Again!

What a way to kick off the weekend!  And no I don't mean by me posting late due to a Hobo International sample sale that I just HAD to get to! Don't tell, but  I may have found just the perfect bag for our girl's b'day next week.  Actually the kick off to the weekend and the holiday season in general was none other than Oprah's Favorite Things episode.  Being as this is her last season I'm realizing that my day dream of somehow getting on this episode is now null and void. Those were...

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