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Wedding Wednesday: When are you going to have kids?

Something that I have heard A LOT over the years is…so when are you going to have kids?  The first day I went back to work after my engagement I was asked – when are you gonna have kids?  We were asked at our engagement party – so when are you gonna have kids?  While in the midst of wedding planning I was asked – so when are you gonna have kids?  OK ENOUGH!!!!  LOL!  I LOVE children.  I LOVE my nieces and nephews.  But, I LOVE my time with my honey right now!  We would like to enjoy some time as newlyweds and plan to have children in the future.

jessica and jeremy

photo via Snider Shots

In my book, there is nothing wrong with enjoying some time with your husband before your lives are blessed with a child.  We would like to travel, purchase a home, decorate, continue our education, etc. during our newlywed phase.  Don’t worry…Children are on the horizon in the future.  But for now…we are going to enjoy some “us” time.

rosie pope

You may recall my sister recently had the honor of interviewing Rosie Pope.  Ok – confession – I ADORE her!  I was beyond thrilled when my sister asked me to go along with her to meet Rosie and take pics!  My sister even asked Rosie a question for me.  I wanted to know Rosie’s view on how a newlywed couple can prepare for children in the near future.  She gave the AMAZING advice of – don’t be too hard on yourselves and all things happen in time and when they are supposed to!  She reminded me that people put too much pressure on themselves and put a timeline on things that causes undo stress.  So, I am going to take Rosie’s advice!  I am going to enjoy our time as newlyweds and look forward to the day that we go from 2 to 3! So, stop asking already…Haha!

Thanks to my sister for tackling such a sensitive topic!

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