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Fall Trend: Lace

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t wear a trend simply because it is a trend. You should wear what you like and what flatters you. If that philosophy is good enough for Tim Gunn, it’s good enough for little old me! If, however, you are in love with a trend and it works for you, by all means, rock that bad boy!

I’m really loving lace right now. Actually, I was loving it last year too…Go figure.

paris hilton purple lace seniorita

Whereas, I focused on lace dresses last winter, this time I’m looking on the lace pump. I’m loving this Paris Hilton pair! It’s reminiscent of some Valentino bow bedecked beauties, but they cost a tad bit less! And I’m quite fond of the unexpected eggplant hue and d’orsay cut! I also wanted to let you know know that it comes in grey and navy too, in case those colors are a bit more your speed. Is it weird that I kind of want all three? Haha!


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